Over the years and through countless transactions, I have learned that certain steps ensure a more gratifying journey in the real estate process. If you are in the market to purchase a home, read on to find out what you can expect as my client.


Instead of trying to "sell" me on a particular house, his focus always seemed to be on making me aware of any potential challenges a place might have before moving forward. He acts as a consultant, always looking out for his clientís interests first.

-- Barry Bolinger (3 Transactions) 


Buying a home isnít just a huge financial step Ė itís also an emotional investment -- and most likely the largest investment you will make.


As your Realtor, I consider myself part counselor, part educator, and 100% YOUR advocate. My job is to help you figure out what your goals and desires are Ė and in the end to help you make that dream happen.


In a broad sense, I take my clients through three main steps leading up to the purchase of a home.

  1. Doug's Homework -- No matter how grown up you are, you can't get away from homework!
  2. Listing Alerts  -- Leverage information technology to keep you abreast of newly listed homes for sale that fit your needs!
  3. Property Tours-- the old-fashioned hands-on (and completely essential) approach -- I walk you through various properties to see if they are the one for you.

When we found our perfect home, Doug's guidance, advice, and attention to detail was invaluable, allowing us to make highly informed decisions... We were extremely impressed with Doug's commitment to making sure that we understood all aspects of the of the home buying process.

-- Jennifer Ziskin & Jackson Egen


Finding a home is just the beginning... once you find your home, I will lead you through the fancy footwork of actually purchasing it:

  1. Negotiating an Offer : Sales contracts, addendums, ratification, contingencies... scarey words, but take a breath! You're in good hands.
  2. Coordinating Escrow : Escrow will never be smoother! It's all in the details and I got you covered!
  3. The Best Part : Handing you the keys to your new home -- Congratulations!


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